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Gifts from the Communion

What would an LWF Assembly be without the many gifts and contributions from the communion of Lutheran churches that bring such a multicultural event to life?

Yet it is not just a matter of material gifts. Every participant makes his or her own special contribution to the Assembly—in the plenary discussions, talks in the village groups, by offering a smile, extending a hand or lending a sympathetic ear. Contributions are made in varied ways and every gift, every small contribution is a part of the whole picture, helping to give the Assembly its very special features.

We would like to introduce some of these gifts and give a glimpse of those essential elements of an assembly—from the participation in the market of possibilities, to the energetic assistance of the many volunteers and, of course, to the material support.

It is an invitation to all participants to set out for Winnipeg with open eyes and to discover the gifts we share with one another at the Assembly.

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