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Worship Life at the Tenth Assembly


One of the chalices that will be used during Eucharist at the
LWF Tenth Assembly. It is an expression of Aboriginal artist Raymond Michell's pottery work.

Worship is About the Community

"We will reflect and meditate on the Assembly theme, 'For the Healing of the World,' and thus on what healing, health and wholeness mean in the context of worship." - Rev. Dr Päivi Jussila, Assembly Worship Coordinator

Click here for complete interview with the Assembly Worship Coordinator, Päivi Jussila.

Worship Will be a Powerful Experience

 "We are going to be reading the same scriptures, celebrating the same Eucharist, and praying the same prayers that Lutherans all over the world share in common. In a world that is so divided and fractured, this is very hopeful witness." - Bishop Raymond Schultz, ELCIC National Bishop

Click here for full article with Bishop R. Schultz.

Promoting a Healing Community

Engaging the LWF member churches, their congregations and communities is central to the Assembly worship preparations.  The communities chosen to prepare the daily eucharistic celebrations promote a healing community.  These communities have varied perspectives to healing resulting from their own experiences and situations.

Click here for more information about communities preparing worship.

Opening Eucharist at St. Boniface Cathedral

The dramatic scene across the Red River from The Forks and the interwoven history of St. Boniface Cathedral blend well with the LWF Tenth Assembly theme, "For the Healing of the World."

Click here for more information on St. Boniface Cathedral.

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