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The Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation

The Assembly, normally held every six years, is the LWF's highest decision-making body. Between Assemblies the LWF is governed by a Council, which convenes annually, and by its Executive Committee.

The Assembly consists of representatives of the member churches of the Federation. As the principal authority of the LWF, the Assembly:

  • is responsible for the LWF Constitution;
  • gives general direction to LWF work;
  • elects the President and members of the Council; and
  • takes action on the address of the President and the reports of the General Secretary and the Treasurer.

Candles are lit at the beginning of the Sunday Festival Eucharist marking the 50th Anniversary of the LWF, Ninth Assembly, Hong Kong, 1997

Sunday Festival Eucharist, LWF Ninth Assembly, Hong Kong, 1997

What Happens at an Assembly?

Representatives gathered at an Assembly make major decisions on the future direction of the LWF, share experience about issues facing their churches, and worship together celebrating their cultural diversity.

The Ninth Assembly was held in Hong Kong in 1997 under the theme "In Christ - Called to Witness." Hosted by the former Chinese Lutheran Churches Hong Kong Association, now the Hong Kong Lutheran Federation Ltd., to which four LWF member churches belong, the Assembly brought together 400 official delegates from the then 122 member churches, and another 1,000 participants-observers, advisers, ecumenical guests, and the press. It was the first LWF Assembly to take place in Asia.

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