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Day 1 - Monday 21 July

A flag with the Assembly logo, raised against the backdrop of a bright and sunny mid-morning sky, marked the start of the opening day of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Tenth Assembly.

In raising the flag, Winnipeg Deputy Mayor Lillian Thomas paid tribute to Lutherans for their efforts to ensure social justice, peace and charity as tenets of their faith.

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The mayor of Winnipeg, Glen Murray, unveiled a Canadian postage stamp with the Assembly logo, issued to mark the LWF Tenth Assembly.

Vivian Albo, Canadian Postal Corporation chairperson, remarked, “This is an important event that will strengthen and enrich the Lutheran church and our society.  It is a wonderful stamp and a unique memento of this important spiritual gathering.”

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Ceremony and color marked the Opening Eucharist of the LWF Tenth Assembly. The Lutheran worship service, which was held at the Roman Catholic St Boniface Cathedral, started with a dramatic procession from the banks of the Red River, where almost 700 Assembly participants had gathered for a service of affirmation of baptism.

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Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) National Bishop Raymond Schultz.
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A lively combination of music, drama, comedy and special effects highlighted a presentation by the ELCIC to the LWF Tenth Assembly.

Entitled “The Host Church Presents Itself,” the show attempted to give Assembly participants an impression of the role played by this small Lutheran church in a vast and diverse nation.

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