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Day 8 - Monday 28 July


A dramatic presentation, focused mainly on the issues of HIV/AIDS and human sexuality, highlighted the youth open hearing at the LWF Assembly this morning. 

"Let us fully break the silence," said James Tan of Malaysia. "Let us make 'prevention' a priority". 


Graphically illustrating their point, youth delegates and stewards, wearing black T-shirts, stood silently on stage with their mouths crisscrossed shut with masking tape. Around their necks hung signs with the birth dates and death dates of nameless people. At the bottom of the signs in capital letters was the line: "Stop HIV/AIDS". Finally, on cue, the youth members removed the tape to symbolize open communication about the dreaded disease sweeping across many countries.

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> Click here for Message of the Pre-Assembly Youth Conference. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)


Noriko Sakamoto is hard at work. Sitting at the reception table in the LWF press room at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, Sakamoto, 26, from Osaka, Japan, folds a piece of paper that gradually evolves into an origami crane. Sakamoto, a steward at the LWF Tenth Assembly, is a member of Japanís Kinki Evangelical Lutheran Church which has about 2,600 members and is one of the smallest LWF member churches.



During the afternoon plenary sessions, delegates attended to business matters of the Assembly such as receiving and voting on formal recommendations from the Assembly's Policy and Reference Committee.



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