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On-line with Support from Lutherans in the USA

Since August 2002 the LWF Assembly web site has provided all necessary information about the Assembly in its four official working languages: English, French, German and Spanish. This project was made possible with support from the ELCA communication department.

The first plans for an Assembly web site began shortly after the June 2000 decision to hold the global LWF event in Winnipeg. In September 2001 staff from the LWF and ELCA discussed an initial proposal in the latter’s office in Chicago. Visions and plans soon became a reality.

In May 2002 ELCA web manager Rex Paisley visited Geneva for a week and together with the LWF staff, developed an appealing and easy-to-use web site. A few weeks later it went online in the four languages—English, German, French and Spanish. Since then new pages, documents and information are made available on-line almost every week. The LWF Office for Communication Services provides content for the Assembly web site and ensures that it is up-to-date, while their counterparts in Chicago deal with the technical issues related to hosting the site in North America.

The ELCA has some 5.1 million members and has been an LWF member church since 1988.

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