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Some 500 Volunteers Expected at LWF Tenth Assembly

Host Church Lauds "Enthusiastic, Energetic and Faithful Sharing of Gifts"

ELCIC staff display the LWF Tenth Assembly bib that will be sported by volunteers in Winnpeg

A key element of the preparations for the LWF Tenth Assembly in Winnipeg is the recruitment and management of the many volunteers who will be present to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

By the end of March, more than 300 volunteers had completed the application form indicating their availability, language capability and work area preferences. Two thirds of the registered volunteers are from the ELCIC, the Assembly host church; the other third is split between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and Anglican Church of Canada. It is expected that approximately 500 volunteers will be registered prior to the opening of the Assembly, including a corps of 100 youth to assist in the July 27 Sunday celebration event.

The ELCIC began the first of two volunteer orientation programs on April 3. It was a light-hearted focus on the history of previous assemblies, cultural sensitivity issues, protocol tips and how to be "Ready for Work." At the orientation, volunteers were invited to signal their commitment by signing a poster displaying the Volunteer Mission Statement:

"To work as a volunteer team in an open, friendly, helpful and warm spirit, reflecting the love of Christ, to all who participate in the Tenth Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation."

Commenting on the signing-up process so far, Ms Rhonda Lorch, ELCIC Director of Administration said, "The commitment of time and talent by our volunteers has been astounding. The Assembly will benefit from the enthusiastic, energetic and faithful sharing of gifts."

A second orientation will be offered on July 20 for volunteers from outside the local area.

During the Assembly, volunteers will sport a bright yellow event bib and name badge holder so that they will be clearly visible to all.

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