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Nominations and Elections at the Tenth Assembly

Nominations for LWF President

All member churches received a letter from the LWF General Secretary inviting them to nominate candidate(s) for the position of LWF President. A list of confirmed candidates will be submitted to the Nominations Committee. The committee will present a first report of the nominations slate to the sixth plenary session and will invite nominations from the floor, which have to be in writing and signed by at least 10 delegates.

Nominations for the LWF Council

The Nominations Committee will receive nominations slates for Council positions from the Pre-Assembly Consultations. The Committee will present its first report to Plenary VI.

Nominations from the floor

After the first report, nominations from the floor may be received until the chairperson declares the nominations to be closed, which shall be at least 24 hours before the final report.

When the nominations are closed, the Nominations Committee, after consulting with delegates of the churches concerned regarding nominations made from the floor, in order to ensure adequate church endorsement, shall incorporate such nominations in its list, making known its findings regarding the consultations with representatives of the churches concerned.

The final report of the Nominations Committee will be presented on Saturday 26 July during Plenary VII.

Further information about nominations is found in the "Rules of Procedure" paragraph 3.2.6.

Procedures for election of the LWF President

On the election of the President, the LWF Constitution reads as follows:

"The election of the President by the Assembly shall be by a majority of the votes cast in a written ballot".

As the final report from the Nominations committee has been given, the election will take place in the following Plenary session (Plenary VIII) on the same day. In order for the election to take place, a minimum of three-quarters of the registered delegates must be present.

Concerning the election procedures 

> see the "Rules of Procedure" 4.1.5.

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