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In preparing an Assembly, the Federation's General Secretary ensures that LWF constitutional mandates and Council decisions relating to an Assembly are implemented. The Council has appointed an Assembly Planning Committee with representatives from the member churches to make recommendations and review plans. Rev. Susan Nagle of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America serves as committee chairperson.

Assembly Coordinators have responsibility for preparations in particular areas such as content, worship, communication, logistics, finance, pre-Assembly consultations and the pre- and post-Assembly visitation program. The Deputy General Secretary is responsible for coordinating Council-related matters.

An Assembly Office has been established to work within the LWF Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland, to ensure overall coordination. In the Assembly Office, Rev. Arthur Leichnitz serves as Assembly Coordinator with Ms Margit Eggert as Administrative Assistant.

An Assembly Local Committee, appointed and supported by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, the host church, is facilitating the preparations. The committee chairperson is Ms Rhonda Lorch, ELCIC Office Manager.

For further information, please contact the Assembly Office.

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