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A Special Contribution from the Regions--Crying Out for Healing

A very special contribution from the regions to the Assembly will be the cries for healing that have been collected from churches there. "Participants will be bringing a lot of concerns for healing to the Assembly," says LWF Tenth Assembly content coordinator, Rev. Dr Karen Bloomquist. "We need to be able to hear and learn from one another and to communicate across the boundaries that usually separate us."

The cries will be shared from the Assembly floor and will relate to the theme of the day:

  • O God, the healer, liberator, savior of the world

  • Forgive and heal

  • Reorder power

  • Heal our divisions

  • Liberate from bondage

  • Rectify injustices

  • Empower us to act

  • Fulfill your promises, O God

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