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Day 7 - Sunday 27 July


Approximately 1,500 people from all over the world were at The Forks yesterday despite the broiling summer sun and no shade. Assembly participants gathered with people from the local community in the field in front of a giant stage to sing, dance, clap, pray and praise the Lord along with Jon Buller and the band Freeman, the Christian rock band Krystaal and a superb Worship Theatre experience entitled "Heal the land".


Some people welcomed the beating sun after a week of meetings in air-conditioned rooms. Others protected themselves with umbrellas, visors and even hats fashioned out of the day’s edition of the Assembly newspaper, The Source. But no one left. The entertainment and worship presentations held everyone’s attention and, together with the sun, warmed their hearts and souls.

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Delegate Mette Geil holds her two-month-old daughter, Ingrid, the youngest person present for the Assembly. Ingrid was baptized by her mother, a pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark, on July 13. Mette, a member of the LWF Council for the past six years, has had three children in that period. "Because I was breast-feeding, they’ve all been a part of the LWF gatherings," Mette says. And Ingrid’s favorite part of the Assembly? "Singing and worshipping, " says her mother.



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