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Volunteers - individuals who freely offer their time and energy, their experience and skill, as workers with the Assembly Local Committee (Winnipeg) to facilitate the operations and procedures of the Assembly. No payment is made for this service. Normally these persons are individual members of an LWF member church, from which an endorsement is requested.

Individuals from Winnipeg and area, and from places around the world, are welcome to apply to serve as volunteers at the LWF Tenth Assembly in Winnipeg.

Some 500 Volunteers Expected at LWF Tenth Assembly
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All matters concerning volunteers receiving applications; approving volunteers; training; making assignments; coordinating; etc. are handled by the Assembly Local Committee at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC).

For further information about serving as a volunteer, please go to:

Volunteer Information Page at the Web site of the ELCIC.

General information

  • Volunteers must be able to communicate in English. Capabilities in other languages is a valuable asset.
  • Volunteers must pay their own travel, accommodation and some meal costs. They are responsible for their own travel and visa arrangements.
  • The Assembly Local Committee will assist volunteers in making arrangements for local accommodation. Options include hotels, university residences and staying with a local family (called "billeting"). Volunteers are responsible for their own costs.
  • Volunteers must complete an application form through the Assembly Local Committee. This helps to match volunteers and their gifts with specific needs.
  • Volunteers will be asked to provide a reference from their church.
  • As their work assignments allow, and as space permits, volunteers may attend Assembly worship and plenary sessions.
  • No program has been planned for children. Their care is the responsibility of parents.

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