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Assembly Office

The Assembly Office for the LWF Tenth Assembly has closed permanently from 23 December 2003.

The Assembly Office functions within the Office of the General Secretary to facilitate the planning and implementation of the LWF Tenth Assembly in Winnipeg, Canada, in 2003. The office includes an Assembly Coordinator and an Assembly Administrative Secretary.

The Assembly Coordinator is accountable to the General Secretary in the implementation of decisions of the Council and the Assembly Planning Committee relating to all aspects of coordinating and supervising preparations for the Assembly. This includes close cooperation with the Assembly Coordinators for content, worship, communication, logistics and finance as well as other staff entrusted with Assembly preparations.

The Assembly Office corresponds with the member churches regarding preparations for, and participation in, the Assembly; facilitates meetings of the Assembly Planning Committee; ensures distribution of Assembly material and information to member churches and other participants; and coordinates preparations with the host church and the Assembly Local Committee.

Assembly Coordinator
Rev. Arthur Leichnitz

Assembly Administrative Assistant
Ms Margit Eggert

Assembly Administrative Assistant
Ms Maya Maugué

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