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All categories of Assembly participants are included in the meal plan except Visitors and Accompanying Persons.

  • Meals for all full-time participants will begin with lunch on 21 July 2003 and end with lunch on 31 July.
  • Lunch and dinner will be served in the Winnipeg Convention Centre (WCC) which is the primary venue for the Assembly. Breakfast will be provided in the hotels.
  • The cost for the meal plan is CAD 750.
  • Because of the requirements of the WCC in planning for meals, it will not be possible for individuals to purchase tickets for individual meals at the Assembly.

Visitors and Accompanying Persons

Since Visitors and Accompanying Persons are not able to participate in all aspects of the Assembly, they are not expected to participate in the meal plan. If they wish, they may purchase the meal plan as described above. Information about meal options will be sent to them after they have registered.

Day Visitors

Day Visitors do not register for the Assembly in advance, but register on site. There is a daily cost of CAD 10 which allows them to join the morning and afternoon refreshment breaks, and thus to meet with registered participants. They are not able to purchase meal tickets.

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