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Six Year Report - From Hong Kong to Winnipeg

"From Hong Kong to Winnipeg," the report of the General Secretary on behalf of the Council, gives an account of the life and work of the Federation, including the decisions of its governing bodies over the past six years, as provided for in the LWF Constitution. Highlights of the work carried out by the diverse LWF departments and offices during this period are included.

> To order the Six Year Report

The Six Year Report is provided to all participants registered for the Assembly.  

The full content can also be found below for downloading:
(All links require Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

[PDF, 137 KB ]

Office for Planning [PDF, 190 KB ]

Office for Ecumenical Affairs (OEA) [PDF, 207 KB ]

Office for International Affairs and Human Rights (OIAHR) [PDF, 213 KB ]

Office for Communication Services (OCS) [PDF, 354 KB ]

Office for Personnel (OP) [PDF, 104 KB ]

Office for Finance and Administration (OFA) [PDF, 201 KB ]

Department for Mission and Development (DMD) [PDF, 430 KB ]

Department for World Service (DWS) [PDF, 778 KB ]

Department for Theology and Studies (DTS) [PDF, 240 KB ]

Institute for Ecumenical Research, Strasbourg [PDF, 117 KB ]

Concluding Remarks & Appendices [PDF, 195 KB ]
     - Constitution of the Lutheran World Federation
     - Bylaws of the Lutheran World Federation
     - New LWF Member Churches 19972003
     - Lutheran Members of Dialogue Commissions 19972003
     - Council Members 19972003
     - LWF Publications 19972003
     - Acronyms

To order a copy of the Six Year Report (EUR 12, USD 12, CHF 18 plus shipping) please contact:

The Lutheran World Federation
Office for Finance and Administration
P.O. Box 2100
CH-1211 Geneva 2

Tel: +41/22-791 64 54
E-mail: [email protected] 

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