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Regional Pre-Assembly Consultations  

Open air worship on the Pacific, Vladivostock, Russia

An LWF tradition, Pre-Assembly Consultations assist member churches in preparing delegates for full and active participation in the Assembly. They provide an opportunity for church leaders—men, women and youth—in the LWF geographical regions to assemble and discuss current situations in light of the Assembly theme and issues.

There have been five regional Pre-Assembly Consultations: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America; a Women's consultation; and a global Youth conference. Meetings for women, and for youth, were also held during the regional consultations.

The central purpose of the regional consultations was to prepare the delegates for active and meaningful participation in the Assembly. The delegates considered, from the viewpoint of their own region, the areas to be discussed in the ten village groups at the Assembly. Each region also worked on preparing a Bible study. In addition, the participants received detailed information on the Rules of Procedure, logistics, practical matters and communication.

The regional consultations drew up a slate of Council member nominations according to established numbers for each region, and a determined rotation procedure. Each region also discussed crucial issues related to its situation, future witness and work.

  • North America - 23-26 January 2003 in Denver, USA
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  • Europe - 23-26 February 2003 in Vienna, Austria
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  • Asia - 2-6 March 2003 in Medan, Indonesia
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  • Africa - 23-26 March 2003 in Nairobi, Kenya
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  • Latin America & Caribbean - 6-9 April 2003 in San Salvador, El Salvador
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