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LWF/D. Zimmermann.

Tuesday 29 July

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Marainen Johannes, Sami (aboriginal) delegate from Sweden, presents a report of concerns prepared by a meeting of indigenous people at the Assembly. Johannes is head of the Sami Church Council.  


Canadian First Nations representatives present concerns of Canada's aboriginal peoples.  Shown from left:  Rev. Stan McKay, aboriginal pastor and former moderator of the United Church of Canada; Jim Bear of the Manitoba Assembly of Chiefs; and Marie Frawley-Henry of the Assembly of First Nations.  


Vola Olisoa Raveloarijaona, a steward from Madagascar.  


Delegates from Germany in the plenary hall. They include Bishop Jürgen Johannesdotter (far-left) and Bishop Maria Jepsen (far-right).  


Delegates from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong (ELCHK) during a plenary session. Rev. Josephine Tso, president of the ELCHK, is second from the right.  


The delegates of Argentina and Bolivia during a plenary session, listening to the report concerning the Assembly Message.  


A Winnipeg television news team interviews ELCIC National Bishop Raymond Schultz before the prayer vigil march which was organized to express solidarity with those denied visas to attend the LWF Tenth Assembly.




ELCIC bishops and the local Anglican bishop lead the prayer vigil march as it leaves from the Winnipeg Convention Centre, the main Assembly venue.  


An dramatic scene of the prayer vigil march led by the bishops of the ELCIC, the local Anglican bishop and members of the LWF executive committee.  


The prayer vigil march continues along the downtown streets of Winnipeg.  


The prayer vigil is held in the "Oodena Circle" at The Forks near downtown Winnipeg.  


The gathered community shared prayer and experiences to express their solidarity with those who have been excluded from participating in the Assembly.  


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