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Usage Guidelines for the Assembly Logo

The official logo for the LWF Tenth Assembly - represented as a graphic image and as a graphic image combined with the theme statement underneath - is copyrighted by the Lutheran World Federation.

To ensure proper representation of the official logo, standards governing its use include six elements: image, font, language, spacing, colors and background.

The need is acknowledged for appropriate flexibility in response to cultural and language diversity (for example: the local languages of the member churches; languages which do not use the Latin alphabet; and languages which do not read from left to right) and also for situations where the generally available technology provides different options for fonts and colors.


The image must not be redrawn, reproportioned or modified.


The typeface, or font, for the lettering is Optima. If this font is not available, a font closely resembling Optima should be used.


When using one of the official languages (English, German, French or Spanish), the text should use the official translation of the theme. When using other languages, the translation should be based on one of the official translations.

Special note: To request a copy of the logo without the theme statement, please contact the Office for Communication Services.


The placement of the lettering in relation to the image is part of its unique representation. For this reason, the image and the lettering are provided in a combined graphic image.


The preferred color designations for four-color printing are indicated by: C for Cyan; M for Magenta; Y for Yellow; and K for Black.

  • The lettering (black) is: K100
  • The leaves (green) are: C100 Y91 K6
  • The mountain or ground (brown/gold) is: C47 M65 Y100
  • The cross (blue) is: C100 M56
  • The recommended black screen for single color printing is between 30 and 40 percent.


The preferred background is white.

When the logo is used together with the text block identifying the Tenth Assembly, the following guidelines are recommended:


The preferred layout, when used with the official languages, places the logo on the left with the text block to the right, so that the top of the text block is near or below the mid-point of the logo. The complete text includes the following information:

The Lutheran World Federation
Tenth Assembly
Winnipeg, Canada
21-31 July 2003

The standards for representing the logo (image and theme) are given above.


The typeface, or font, for the text lettering is Friz Quadrata, or a font closely resembling Friz Quadrata.


The language guidelines are given above. The date format which is appropriate for the language and culture should be used.


The text for "The Lutheran World Federation" and "Tenth Assembly" should all be the same size, and somewhat larger than the text for the location and dates, both of which should be the same (smaller) size.


The preferred color for the text, "The Lutheran World Federation," is the same color of blue as the cross (C100 M56).

The preferred color for the text, "Tenth Assembly," is the same color of green as the leaves (C100 Y91 K6).

The preferred color for the text for the location and dates is black (K100).

For further information on the Assembly logo and the Usage Guidelines, please contact:

The Lutheran World Federation
Office for Communication Services
P.O. Box 2100
CH-1211 Geneva 2

E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: +41/22-791 66 30

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